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Senator Harry Reid

Democratic US Senator from Nevada

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Senator Reid is a Class III US Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2010)

List of 2010 US Senate Candidates from Nevada:

(Nevada's 2008 Partisan Voting Index: D+1)

Senator Harry Reid (D)

Ex-State Assemblywoman, Businesswoman, '06 US Rep. Candidate Sharron Angle (R)

Businessman, Navy Veteran Tim Fasano (IAP)

Businessman Scott Ashjian (Tea Party)

Michael Haines (I)

Metallurgical Worker Jesse Holland (I)

Teacher, '08 US Rep. Candidate Jeffrey Reeves (I)

Wil Stand (I)

List of 2010 Nevada US Senate Primary Candidates who also ran:

State Sen., Ex-State Assemblyman, Attorney, Army Veteran Mark Amodei (R)

Investment Banker, Ex-Congressional Intern John Chachas (R)

Attorney, USMC Veteran Chuck Kozak (R)

Ex-State GOP Chair, Ex-State Senator, Businesswoman Sue Lowden (R)

Project Manager, USMC Veteran Bill Parson (R)

Businessman Terry Suominen (R)

Businessman, Attorney, '06 Sec. of State Nominee, '04 State Sen. Nominee Danny Tarkanian (R)

Physician Robin Titus (R)

Ex-Radio Talk Show Host, Ex-Democrat, '94 Candidate in Florida Mike Wiley (R)

Businessman, USAF Veteran Jeff Durbin (IAP)

Nevada Governor / Sr. Senator in Congress / Jr. Senator in Congress

Current Nevada Congressional District Map

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