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Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

Republican US Senator from Texas

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Senator Hutchison is a Class I US Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2012)

Senator Hutchison is retiring in 2012. The 2012 Texas US Senate Candidates include:

(Texas' 2008 Partisan Voting Index: R+8)

Retired USAF Veteran Andrew "Cas" Castanuela (R)

State Railroad Commissioner, Ex-State Rep. Elizabeth Ames Jones (R)

Businessman, Religious Right Activist Nick Latham (R)

Bible Studies Teacher Lela Pittenger (R)

State Senate President Pro Tempore, Ex-Plano Mayor, Ex-Businesswoman, Ex-Teacher Florence Shapiro (R)

State Railroad Commissioner, Ex-Assistant US Education Secretary, Attorney Michael Williams (R)

Ex-Secretary of State, Businessman, Ex-Minor League Baseball Player Roger Williams (R)

Ex-State Comptroller, Ex-State Railroad Commissioner, Ex-State Sen., '98/'02 Lt. Governor Nominee John Sharp (D)

Computer Engineer, Ex-Stockbroker, Frequent Candidate Scott Jameson (L)

Computer Programmer, USAF Veteran, '06/'02 Attorney General Nominee Jon Roland (L)

Physician Alma Aguado (I)

Engineer, Ex-Firefighter Chris Nelson (I)

2010 Texas US Senate Candidates who withdrew their Candidacies:

Houston Mayor, Ex-Deputy US Energy Secretary, Attorney, Ex-Congressional Aide Bill White (D)

State Governor / Sr. Senator in US Congress / Jr. Senator in US Congress

Current Texas Congressional District Maps

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