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Senator Bob Bennett

Republican US Senator from Utah

(Click above for this Senator's office website)

Senator Bennett is a Class III US Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2010)

List of 2010 Utah US Senate Candidates:

Attorney, Ex-Gubernatorial Aide Mike Lee (R)

State Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission Chair, Businessman Sam Granato (D)

Ex-University Administrator, Businessman, Radio Talk Show Host, '06 Nom. Scott Bradley (C)

List of 2010 Utah US Senate Primary Candidates who also ran:

US Senator Bob Bennett (R)

Business Consultant, '02/'04 US Rep. Candidate Tim Bridgewater (R)

Businesswoman, Conservative Activist Cherilyn Eagar (R)

Businessman, Ron Paul Campaign Activist, Army Veteran James Williams (R)

Click here for Utah's Governor and entire US Congressional delegation

Utah's Governor / Utah's Sr. US Senator / Utah's Jr. US Senator
UT 1st / UT 2nd / UT 3rd

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