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The Talent Agency List that is Bill's List - Why to Use It

Bill's List is based on the simple premise that agents, like anybody, Google themselves, and if they Google themselves, they'll eventually find themselves on Bill's List. And the Talented will want to be where the Talent Agents click ...

Many agent, agency, and other pages on Bill's List now have comment boxes (i.e., talented actors, athletes, authors, models and musicians can showcase themselves in front of agents finding their own selves on this site). Note that I'll post a new comment box on an agent and/or agency's page if you:
  1. Like my site by clicking on the "Like" button above
  2. Comment on this page or elsewhere on this site
  3. Like/Comment on my new Facebook Page (***Note that I've started adding links to the Facebook page from the top of every page I'm adding comment boxes to***)

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