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  • If I receive work and/or a sale of my work through Bill Hammons ("Hammons") in any shape or form (including, but not limited to, through an Agent, Agency, Gallery, Manager and/or Management Company which discovered me on Bill's List) I agree that Hammons is entitled to 20% of all monies paid for my work or for my services rendered in the course of my work.
    • I appreciate that Bill's List, in the interests of openness and maximizing the chances for any artist to be discovered, includes direct links to artists' Facebook pages, IMDb profiles, etc, and I also understand that agencies and others are informed that you, the artist, have been instructed to
      1. Ask them how they discovered you
      2. Refer them to Hammons if they say they found you through Hammons
    • I also understand that these agents could be testing the trustiworthiness of a future client, and that my failure to refer my potential agent back to Bill Hammons could reflect poorly on me with that agent, not to mention Bill, and thus could jeopardize my career.
    • I furthermore understand that Hammons himself or one of his friends and colleagues could be conducting a "Trust Test" by querying me with a fake offer of a paid assignment to test whether I make the proper referral.
    • It is furthered agreed that all monies due shall be paid to Hammons by client and 80% of those monies shall be remitted to me by Hammons via Chase QuickPay within seven business days of receipt of monies.
    • It is further understood that if, for whatever reason, I receive payment directly or indirectly from a client or other party for any service or good sold through Bill's List, I agree to pay Hammons his 20% owed within one business day, and I agree that I am liable for the maximum legal rate of interest on that payment should I delay payment beyond one business day.
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