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Texas Election Candidates and Elected Officials

  • Texas Senior US Senator John Cornyn (R)
    Class II of 2014 / Contact Information
    Committees: Finance, Judiciary
    2014 Texas US Senate Candidates Ranked by Bill:
    Republican Primary Candidates
    1. Texas US Senator John Cornyn (R)
    2. Congressman Steve Stockman (R)
    3. Bridge Contractor, Ex-Refinery Worker Dwayne Stovall (R)
    4. Businessman, Conservative Activist Chris Mapp (R)
    5. Attorney, Conservative Activist Linda Vega (R)
    6. Hotel Industry Consultant, 2012 Candidate Curt Cleaver (R)
    7. Retired Army Officer Ken Cope (R)
    8. Retired USAF Officer Reid Reasor (R)
    Democratic Primary Candidates
    1. Dentist, Army Veteran, Ex-US Rep Cand. David Alameel (D)
    2. Attorney Maxey Scherr (D)
      • Good effort by underdog won't get her ticket to General
    3. Physician Harry Kim (D)
    4. Businessman, Attorney, Frequent Candidate Mike Fjetland (D)
    5. LaRouche Activist, 2 x US Rep Nominee Kesha Rogers (D)
    Green Party Primary Candidates
    1. Ex-Webb County Tax Assessor Nominee Emily Marie Sanchez (G)
    Libertarian Primary Candidates
    1. Holistic Wellness Coach, Businesswoman Tanuja Paruchuri (L)
    2. Rebecca Paddock (L)
    3. Computer Programmer, USAF Veteran Jon Roland (L)
    Independent Candidates
    1. Non-Profit Group CEO, USAF Veteran Avery Ayers (I)
  • Texas Junior US Senator Ted Cruz (R)
    Class I of 2018 / Contact Information
    Armed Services, Science, Judiciary, Rules, Aging
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