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Virginia 8th Congressional District

(Alexandria, Arlington, Jefferson, and Reston Virginia)

(District's 2008 Partisan Voting Index: D+14)

is represented in the United States House by

American Politics Guide: American Governors, Senators, and Representatives

US Representative Jim Moran, Jr. (D)

(click above for this Congressman's office website)

List of 2010 Candidates for Virginia Congressional District 8:

US Representative Jim Moran (D)

Retired Army Officer, Iraq War Veteran Patrick Murray (R)

Retired Navy Officer, '08 Nominee Ron Fisher (Ind. Green)

Businessman Matt Mosley (L)

Carvel St. John (I)

List of 2010 Virginia District 8 Primary Candidates who also ran:

Attorney, '08 Candidate Matt Famiglietti (D)

Attorney, Educator Ronald Mitchell (D)

Ex-Federal Communications Commission General Counsel Matthew Berry (R)

Communications Consultant, Lobbyist, Conservative Activist Laurence Socci (R)

Virginia's 8th Congressional District

Click here for Virginia's Governor and entire US Congressional delegation

Virginia Governor / Sr. US Senator from Virginia / Jr. US Senator from Virginia
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Click here for Virginia's 8th US Congressional District page for the 110th Congress (years 2007-2009)

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