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Answers to your questions regarding writing, running, Boulder, Colorado, etc.

  • Where and how do you determine the literary agent who has represented a given book?
  • Can you guarantee the accuracy of the literary agent listings you've posted on this site?
  • What are some of the ways that I can use this information to help get my novel or non-fiction book published?
  • Why are the subjects of writing and running (not to mention everything Boulder, Colorado) both covered on this site?
  • Impressive as your website is, why do some sections seem to be left unfinished?
  • Will you look up the books represented by a given agent, if they're not already listed on this site?
  • I want to impress literary agents, my fellow writers, and my friends who are not literary agents or writers. How do I show them that I'm ahead of the curve?
  • Bill, I'll be eternally grateful for the research on literary agents and their authors' books that you've posted on your site free-of-charge. How can I show my gratitude?
  • Bill, are you single?

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